We have set up and interactive music studio at the Global Store Lab of Vans in Seoul, Korea. Composed of an immersive setup of two screens, the digital content reacts simultaneously to music and movement. This is a brand application of our technology development ``Music & Movement``. Coming as a turnkey solution, we adapted the setup to the store so that it fits without any adaptation required. The music & video recording installation allows bands to record on the fly their performance musically and visually.
This installation is a brand adaptation of our technology solution `` MUSIC & MOVEMENT``. CITYSHAKE pushes the boundaries of artistic expression by inventing a new format of artistic expression that unifies music, dance and visual art. The digital visual content reacts in real-time and simultaneously to music AND movement as if you could see music and touch it with your hands. This new way of expressing music places human artistic talent and inspiration at the very center of digital art creation.
This plug-and-play installation helps music bands to produce music recording and music videos. The music and video setup allows bands to record on the fly their music performance digitally and mix it. They can also film their performance that the interactive backdrop enhances. They can also personalize the interactive backdrop by uploading or loading from the Internet any visual they want. The interface automatically turns the personalized visual into a music and movement-reactive backdrop.
This in-store installation / curation on the Lab playground (a 3x6 meter space) brings music performance directly to the store and opens to art to connectivity. It creates consumers direct engagements and at the same time lets musician experience their own the space.
This store is created to meet consumer expectations in the upmarket residential, fashion and shopping area Rodeo Street. It is to bring in House of Vans brand experience to support art, music, skate, street culture. This store is a test store against new retail or future retail, innovation and different product categories. It is acting as a landmark, a hub or a community for all activities from internal training to external activation. Coming as a turnkey solution, we have adapted the interactive music studio so that it fits the space and create a comfortable & engaging atmosphere.
The teams of VANS and CITYSHAKE (Ilmari, Ben, Ali & Pierre) have worked hand-in-hand in Hong Kong and Seoul to make this project possible from the brief, to the music and video studio setup, technology development, digital art production and installation.
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