CITYSHAKE is an award-winning art studio specialised in innovative art,  The artistic direction is highly influenced by the fact that his founder, Pierre Blaise Dionet is a synesthete, with the ability to combine several senses into a unique perception.
Visual contemplation lays at the heart of the studio's mission: the pleasant and attentive observation through the expression of innovative tech art. It defines our artistic signature, a direct relationship with creation where the artistic essence is the visual experience as a gateway to personal discovery.
With a strong take on R&D, the studio uses the latest Tech Art technologies (cinematic VFX, real-time 3D, generative & procedural tech art), to push the limits of artistic expression. CITYSHAKE currently works on 20 innovation programs with applications in the fields of art, music, culture, education and well-being.
Always curious to learn through artistic collaboration and share its technological know-how with other artists, CITYSHAKE organises at least 2 residencies per year and involves artistic research and partners in its development.
LVMH INNOVATION AWARD 2018, Top Finalist / VIVATECH 2018, Invited by LVMH to the LVMH Pavilion
CHRISTIE’S SPEAKER: Art + Tech Summit 2019: Mixed Reality
INSPIREFEST SPEAKER: Using Synesthesia to better understand music
TEDx SPEAKER 2018: La synesthésie pour mieux comprendre et apprendre la musique
NEW DEAL DIGITAL 2015, Award Winner
In the early 1900s, abstraction appeared and changed the face of art. It is the result of visual experiences that fragment the subject by isolating the characteristics of perception (light, shape, sound and movement). It creates a more synthetic translation of the visible world.
Transposing this thought-process to nowadays, the new technologies in visual innovation and artistic 3D/VFX multiply of parameter that participate to visual composition (ex: depth of field, volumetric lighting, simulation of phenomenon of physics). This creates infinite possibilities to explore the art of abstraction that Cityshake has embarked on.

This Tech Art project is an hommage to all the art movements from the past. Nowadays, the experience of art faces the challenge of constant immediacy of communication technologies. We loose the sense of cultural heritage and history. Which leads to the following question: what if all the past art geniuses had access to the latest tech art technologies, what experiences who they have created?
The ambition of this research is an attempt to establish the bond between the Tech Art and the past artistic movements. We absorb the thought-process of a movement and update it through modern means of artistic production. The outcome is an expansion of the past movement to which we give our own tonality.
R&V is an art research project aiming at blurring the line between reality and virtuality:
The first movement is from reality to virtuality, giving tangible items a virtual expression. The outcome is out-of-the-world visual experiences that the audience can actually walk through, touch and feel. We the audience wants to question the reality ends and fantasy starts.
AUGMENTED LIGHTING a collaboration with glass artist Xavier Lenormand. An exploration of light through art and technology
The second movement is from virtuality to reality, focusing on the forefront 3D modelling, VFX and physics simulations to create hyperrealist expressions. We call this Tech Art Hyperrealism. This research has applications in the creation of surrealistic art and advanced prototyping.
We take advantage of the borderline magic that tech art allows to create sensory experiences that make the audience explore their own modalities of perception: multi-sensory, immersive, interactive experiences, data painting, Music & Movement.
Art Extension is a on-going research program that aims at interpreting existing physical artworks, paintings and sculptures, through a digital expression. The outcome expand the artistic experience by putting into digital motion static classical artworks. A painting because of cloud of particules moving, a sculpture because an waving soft body, etc.

This has tremendous applications for the NFT market. Since we link a digital extension to physical art piece with tangible value on the physical art market. This increases the underlying value of any NFT produced.
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