Again, a lot of fun creating for UrbanRevivo and their new Winter Campaign! This series of animated artworks called "ITERATIVE SNOWFLAKES" is shown in Singapore, London and Thailand.

Inspired by the structured growth of snow crystals, I created a set of procedural mandala-like snowflakes taking various forms of complexity. The geometries use iterations at different levels: loops of sets of points based on attributes and loops of the resulting shapes through platonic solids repeated several times. It is all parametric and the number of possibilities is limitless.

The fineness of the structure gives a feel of detailed softness similar to embroidery. An environmental fog reinforcing the depth of field and gliding movement creates a pure aeral environment. We contemplate these complex crystal structures through a slow, infinite and gravitation-less fall with passing effects.

Snowflakes are small and falling. We here invite the viewers to appreciate the beauty of these structures as imposing architectural constructions, the viewers fall through this population of the snowflakes like small particles.
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