HYSTERESIS is the work of two artists exploring collaboratively the essence of dance through the spectrum of tech innovation. Ophelia Jacarini, Visual Artist, trained ballet dancer, and Pierre Blaise Dionet, Digital Artist, always curious to offer his know-how to other artists, share the belief that this is above all artistic imagination that gives a positive sense to technology.
Moments fade away, memories last forever. 
A dance moment is ephemeral and happens in the moment, a fraction of time that instantly vanishes forever in the past. Live dance performance creates fleeting emotions that only the video medium can encapsulate in a persistent memory. Without however fully capturing the impermanence immanent to the beauty of dance.
If dance has this emotional power, would a sculpture resulting directly from the very live dance movements act as a medium that captures more faithfully these emotions ? A fleeting moment of artistic emotion grasped and expressed through a tangible, touchable sculpture.
Ophelia established these ideas as being the core of her work process and invites Digital Artist Pierre Blaise Dionet to create a beautiful dream using real-time data art reacting simultaneously to live music and the dancer's movements.
Digital & tangible expression of space & time
Here collide the physical and virtual worlds: we use an AI-powered movement detection system using body pose estimation to capture Ophelia’s body shapes and movements. Dance movements are materialised by a veil Ophelia dances with and time is frozen in a moment to generate a data sculpture.
Hysteresis results in:
- A large-scaled interactive performance,
- A video installation,
- A 3D sculpture creating an hybrid relationship between movement, suspended time and media art.
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