This campaign was developed for Globber’s global market, families, toddlers, children, teens and adults. We developed a story line to emphasize “micro-moments” where the situational (lifestyle) usage is highlighted rather than the product itself. For the adult range we used the evolution of skateboarding as an example of how toys for boys turned into a cool transportation tool. We asked ourselves how we could accelerate the process of acceptance for the scooter.
“The old days of predictable, periodic media sessions have been replaced by numerous short bursts of digital activity throughout the day.” Sridhar Ramaswamy, senior VP of ads and commerce at Google
Every scene is an opportunity for creativity. ACTION: Keaton believed that you should tell your story through action only & communicate to the audience in one single way. CAMERA: the camera is static and the world is flat. The characters are limited by the sides of the frame and what is visible to the audience. In this configuration, the talent of Keaton was to create a shape with every single scene to increase the visual impact of the action.
The general feel of the scene is clear and clean. We decided to prioritize the execution of the shoot over the post-production so as to show the quality of the products and textures in an honest and straightforward manner. The studio is clean, the scene uncluttered, the props minimal. The color background is created by actually coloured lighting. As a reference, we used Apple Watch Launch ads.

To achieve the exact studio quality as the client brief stated, we decided to build a large-scale colorama studio of 640 square meters with the impressive dimensions of 20 meters wide, 25 meters deep and 10 meters high. To get a high quality natural coloured background, we set up 12 Arri Sky Panel 60 Lights for fast color adjustments between the scenes supported by a wide range of ARRI spotlights. We used the best camera in the industry, the ALEXA MINI, and on-site workstation to immediately calibrate and secure our footage.
As we wanted to present the scooter products with a car commercial type of background and minimize the risks of shooting outdoors during the rainy season, we decided to block an entire district in the most modern high tech area of Shenzhen. We planned for quick mobility and roofed options all across the sector. All angles were pre-determined and planned for as the sun reflections, native language signage, and unfinished construction sites could cause problems in the post-production.
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