Deep down, we all have in our personality, a weird trait that truly defines us but that we refrain from unveiling because we are afraid of other people’s judgements. Society tends to hyper-normalise the crowd through encouraging interconnected opinions.
The DEAL WITH IT Project is a reaction to this social phenomenon, a war cry in the face of the crowd stating that I am standing up to be my true self regardless of how I will be judged. My true self is what defines me and makes me a unique gem.
“WHATEVER” !… That is our answer to society. This is a call to arms to awaken my inner weirdo, a celebration of my uniqueness. I will be my true self and proudly not give a single fuck, because it is clear that rational discussion would be a waste of time and energy. So DEAL WITH IT!
The Project presents 10 over-the-top characters walking down the street in real life. They uncompromisingly made the choice to express their true selves and BE their fetish. One is a Lollipop freak, another one lives as an urban panda, another one defines himself by the colour swimming pool blue, etc. They live their obsessions that compose their identities as unique individuals.
Shot completely in secret and real-life situation the DEAL WITH IT project forces the unknowing pedestrian to react as a demi god of persona penetrates the status quo. The project captures the reaction that becomes the performance, be it shock, hate, love or secret admiration. This character does not leave you indifferent. 
Inspired by Jean-Paul Goude and David Lachapelle, the DEAL WITH IT project is a series of over-composed visuals that depict the intensity of each characters. In the manner of “Baby, Baby, Baby” from Make The Girls Dance, we have also shot a music video in real life as if we were throwing a fashion show on the street. The original lyrics and music are a celebration of individual pride and the reconsideration with our inner weirdness.
You can call me a swirl
Or a downward spiral
Text your heart to the world
Now you’re goin’ viral
Unwrap, then lick
Better hold the stick
Don’t like how I taste?
Whatever. Deal with it.
Some folks like it naughty
But I keep it dotty
When I roll on the scene
Be the life of the party
I’m round, profound
You can bounce me around
Not a perfect fit?
Whatever. Deal with it.
Moon man
Up in the rocket
Got a blast off for you
In my pocket
Only be my queen
On Apollo 13
But on earth, you split?
Whatever. Deal with it.
Mannn, you don’t know shit
Ever try to crump
With a bamboo stick?
In my forest, chump
Never know what you’ll get
Black, white, legit
Whatever. Deal with it.
Hell’s got an angel
In black Chanel bangles
Mani-pedi on the chopper
To ride Prada proper
Wanna box me in?
I’m a schizo fiend
Be your Leather Queen
Whatever. Deal with it.
Diamonds, diamonds
Living for diamonds
Won’t you come
Put your ding-a-bling in my hymen?
Throw my heels sky high
Pay for my time
Too expensive? Shiiit
Whatever. Deal with it.
Dive and splash
Give you whip lash
When you look back at it,
Blue acrobatic
I’m a plastic prince
All up in your deep end
You don’t like me wet?
Whatever. Deal with it.
Mama said,
“Boy, be the best you can be”
So I tightened my britches
And stitched all the bitches
So honey don’t worry
Cus I’m also in a hurry
Thought I would commit?
Whatever. Deal with it.
You can be
My favorite doll
I’ll buy you dresses
At the mall
You run away
I’ll grieve you, bitch
Won’t let you leave.
Whatever. Deal with it.
Cupcakes, cinnamon
Addicted to the cream
A sugar high and almonds
To keep me in the dream.
Top it off with my cherry
Stuff it down in your belly
Want your candle lit?
Whatever. Deal with it.
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