[Biography from Christie's]
Digital Artist and Entrepreneur Pierre Blaise Dionet is the founder of the award-winning innovation studio CITYSHAKE. 2018, CITYSHAKE was one of the 30 startups around the world to be awarded Top Finalist of the LVMH INNOVATION AWARD.
Specialized in innovative art, the studio invents new ways of producting content through 20 innovation programs with applications in the fields of art, music, culture, education and content.
CITYSHAKE creates beautiful dreams: real-time data painting, interactive art reacting simultaneously to live music and dancer's movements, mixed art light exhibition, interfaces, etc.
Always curious to learn through artistic collaboration and share its technological know-how with other artists, CITYSHAKE organises at least 2 residencies per year and systematically involves artistic research and partners in its developments, with the belief that this is above the artistic imagination that gives a positive sense to technologies.
艺术家和企业家Pierre Blaise Dionet是屡获殊荣的创意工作室CITYSHAKE 的创办人,以香港为基地。CITYSHAKE 在2018成为全球30间获得「LVMH INNOVATION AWARD」奖项最后入围者的初创公司之一。
CITYSHAKE 透过创造美丽梦想来突破艺术学科的极限:当中包含实时数据印刷、与现场音乐和舞蹈动作实时互动的艺术、混合艺术灯光展览等。
热衷透过艺术来吸取知识,并与其他艺术家分享技术知识, CITYSHAKE 每年最少安排两次驻留计划并有系统地确保艺术家在建立过程中的参与,深信这甚至超越艺术性想象,为科技世界带来正面影响。
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