Pierre Blaise Dionet is a digital artist based in France and China, founder of CITYSHAKE art studio and SYNEGRAM EdTech start-up.
Pierre started his career in digital communication and creative management in the luxury industry before venturing out on his own in 2016. He soon realised that all he needed to innovate was time and freedom. Since then, Pierre and his studio have developed a distinctive perspective on Tech Art, blending scientific and artistic approaches in their RnD methodology to create groundbreaking pieces that push the limits of what is possible.
On its second year of existence, CITYSHAKE was one of the 30 start-up companies worldwide to be awarded Top Finalist 2018 of the LVMH Innovation Award, celebrating its commitment for innovation, creativity and excellence in the field of art. CITYSHAKE was invited to showcase its work at VIVATECH on the LVMH Pavilion, a global event that celebrates the latest advances in technology and innovation.
Pierre's artistic signature is defined by his approach to visual contemplation, defined as the pleasant and mindful observation of beauty, which offers a direct relationship with creation, where the essence of art is the visual experience itself. He mostly draws inspiration from his synesthetic ability, which allows him to merge several senses into a single perception.
Pierre has worked on commission with a wide range of prestigious brands, including Rolls Royce, Moët Hennessy, K11, Chow Tai Fook, The European Space Agency, Van Cleef & Arpels, Tag Heuer, Vanke, The Cannes Festival, Vans, and more. He was recently commissioned by Vacheron Constantin to exhibit 5 stunning artworks at the ArtScience Museum of Singapore.
You can currently experience Pierre's digital performance Convergence at L'Atelier des Lumières in Paris until January 2024. This immersive experience poetically tells the story of the birth of synesthesia, taking visitors through worlds where sound vibrations and shimmering colors connect in surprising ways. It is part of the Painting Music exhibition cycle, which also features the exhibitions of Marc Chagall and Paul Klee. The exhibition has been acclaimed by French critics and described as "an ultra-contemporary digital creation" and "captivating" by Beaux Arts Magazine.
More information here: https://www.atelier-lumieres.com/en/convergence
CITYSHAKE focuses on mastering cutting-edge Tech Art technologies, including cinematic VFX, real-time 3D, and generative and procedural tech art. The studio constantly carries out research projects exploring various aspects of art, education, and well-being. One of the research projects, exploring the power of synesthesia in music, has grown into a larger venture, culminating in the creation of the company SYNEGRAM in France. Its primary goal is to invent a new music language based on synesthesia that accelerates music learning. Residency
Cityshake firmly believes in the power of artistic collaboration and knowledge sharing. With this belief in mind, Pierre regularly hosts artistic residencies where he invites other artists to collaborate and share their technological expertise.
This summer 2023, Cityshake has been granted "carte blanche" at the art factory La Croix de Fer in France. The residency will bring together several directors, dancers, creative technologists, and artists to explore a wide range of topics: geometric music, an esoteric show called Music Odyssey, music education, interactive dance show and conferences.
- LVMH INNOVATION AWARD 2018, Top Finalist
- CHRISTIE’S SPEAKER: Art + Tech Summit 2019: Mixed Reality
- INSPIREFEST SPEAKER 2019: Using Synesthesia to better understand music
- TEDx SPEAKER 2018: La synesthésie pour mieux comprendre et apprendre la musique - NEW DEAL DIGITAL2015, AwardWinner
Festivals de Cannes - Le Marché du Cinéma (2023)
Convergence at Atelier des Lumières - Programmation Contemporaine (2023) avec Chagall et Paul Klee
Vacheron Constantin - Anatomie of Beauty ArtScience Museum of Singapore (2022)
Rolls Royce Ghost - CyberPunk City (2022)
Rolls Royce Black Badge - Dawn (2022)
Rolls Royce - Ghost (2022)
Rolls Royce Artistic Prototyping (2022)
Tag Heuer Watch & Wonders (2022)
Lacoste RnD Inflatable (2022)
Chow Tai Fook - Fes (2021)
Chow Tai Fook - Tanger (2021)
European Space Agency Visualisations (2021)
BMW i8 (2021)
Ai Plaza - Elevation (Chinese Government) (2021)
Mega In-City - Acceleration (Chinese Government) (2021)
Nymph - Interactive Installation - Digital Art Museum London (2021)
The Virgin & Child, Leonardo DaVinci - Digital NFT Private Commissioner (2021) Marriott Hong Kong - Art Installation - Swim with the Fish (2020)
Marriott Hong Kong - Art Installation - Precious Nature (2020)
HSBC Digital Hong Kong - Blossom - Art Installation (2019)
VanCleef & Arpels - Constellation - Installation (2019)
AI.R (commissioned by CA Corporate) - Art Performance (2019) & Asia Society UrbanRevivo - Collaboration for Digital art during 5 seasons
Vans - Creative Music & Visual Studio (2018)
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